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Waxing Promotion

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Waxing Promotion in Nail Bar 188:

Bikini-700thb (instead 1500),
Full legs-800thb (instead 1200-1800),
Half leg-400thb (instead 600-800),
Underarms-300thb (instead 400),
Full Hands-600 thb (instead 1200-1800),
Half Hand-300 thb (instead 500-700).
Discount for waxing until December 20th!

For booking please call: 095-421-8118.

Phuket, Talang

We moved to Rawai Phuket


Start from 29th Of June 2015 Nail Bar 188 will provide waxing service!
First week 50% discount for waxing!
Prices are here

For booking call 095-421-8118.

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