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Eyebrows & Eyelashes Dyeing Phuket Rawai

Nail Bar 188 provides new service – Eyebrows & Eyelashes Dyeing. Service unknown in Thailand, as nature gave Thai women bright eyelashes and eyebrows, but so popular among European women.

Eyebrows Dyeing -250 thb,
Eyelashes Dyeing- 300 thb,
Eyebrows & Eyelashes Dyeing -500 thb.

For booking please call 095-421-8118

Phuket, Talang

We moved to Rawai Phuket

Galvanic Spa


Nail Bar happy to introduce you new service Galvanic Spa Treatment. Very quick and relaxing treatment with the great result! Reduce wrinkles, makes your skin smooth, clean and shiny. Visible result after first usage!
Price is 800 THB.
Telephone for booking: 095-421-8118

90 days Weight Loss Program.

Nail Bar presents Weight Loss Program TR90!
Nail Bar weight control
Weight loss program-TR90

Weight loss program based on newest Nutrition achievements, that helps you to manage your weight, improve your health, get beautiful shapes and harmonize your mind and body just for 90 days!

Facial & body treatment.

Nail Bar presents face and body treatment Galvanic Spa
Nail Bar

Galvanic Spa
Immediate result, healthy, beautiful and young skin ! Try it now for free! Please call to make a booking 095-421-8118.

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