The girls put on a show on the Devil’s wheel/ Teufelsrad 2023 Oktoberfest Munich ep9

Devil’s wheel is a popular mechanical attraction found at Oktoberfest, the traditional beer festival in Munich, Germany. It is also known as the “Teufelsrad ” in German. The attraction consists of a large rotating platform on which participants stand, trying to stay on it as it spins at a high speed.

The main goal of Teufelsrad is to throw participants off the rotating platform, which provides entertainment for the onlookers. The attraction is operated by an operator who adjusts the speed and direction of the platform to make the participants’ task as challenging as possible. It’s a fun and entertaining experience for those who decide to try it, and it’s a spectacle for those who watch.

Teufelsrad is one of the many rides and activities you can find at Oktoberfest, one of the world’s largest beer festivals held annually in Munich.

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