Dangerous manicure.

dangerous manicure

Manicure and pedicure can be dangerous!

Unfortunately nail salons at Phuket don’t give much attention for equipment disinfection, they just wipe equipment with alcohol and that’s all. However such negligence may affect for client’s health negative – HIV , hepatitis, herpes, fungus , etc.

Nail Bar 188 cares not only beauty but also cares client’s health . Our nail specialists clean equipment and working surfaces thorough because it is a vital necessity.

Stages of disinfection :
1. Antiseptic is used on both client and technician’s hands in order to eliminate germs
2. Equipment disinfection after each treatment:
– Equipment are washed with a soap and running water .
– Equipment are immersed into an antiseptic solution for 10 min.
– Equipment Sterilization at high temperatures of 250 °.
– The storage of clean equipment UV machine.
3. Cleaning working surface with antiseptic.

Take care of your health with Nail Bar 188 !

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